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Welcome to Mombasa Dialysis Center and thank you for your interest in our facility. Thanks to the dedicated staff of Mombasa Dialysis Center, we have a beautiful state of the art dialysis center in which we serve the people who need this type of care. The quality of our service is up-to-date and the building which houses the centre is the latest design that rivals any other hospital in Mombasa. The piece that makes us unique is the genuine care and concern we have for our patients. The primary focus of Mombasa Dialysis Center is the comfort and well being of our patients.

Mombasa Dialysis Center is a private medical clinic situated in Mombasa Island to the eastern shores of Kenya. It offers its patients an extraordinary opportunity to have dialysis in a homely surrounding while using the most advanced Haemodialysis equipment in the region. Mombasa Dialysis Center is situated just a few kilometers from some of the most visited holiday centers in Africa. The center is sited on a quiet corner of Mombasa Island where the only sounds one can hear are of birds twittering on the beautiful lawn gardens which are exposed to the wonderful tropical sunshine throughout the year.

The Face of Mombasa Dialysis Centre The Lawn with Birds and wonderful gardens

In these serene surroundings the dialysis patient in Africa receives dialysis treatment using some of the most advanced Fresenius Haemodialysis equipment in the world. Mombasa Dialysis Center offers high quality care combined with a service oriented staff to provide personalized service.

Some of the reasons for the existence of Mombasa Dialysis Center are:

  • To offer expert treatment to chronic renal patients
  • To increase availability of high-quality dialysis therapy in East Africa
  • To create continuous improvements in a kidney patient's quality of life using modern therapies
  • To provide, a clean and state-of-the-art dialysis
  • To ensure that the costs of therapy for chronic kidney disease patients remain low and affordable
  • To offer holiday Haemodialysis to travelers in the East African region
Private Facilities at Mombasa Dialysis Centre The Clinic

We aim at achieving targets set by NFK-KDOQI (National Kidney Foundation - Kidney Disease Outcomes Quality Initiative) and EBPG (European Best Practice Guidelines).

Family Treatment

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